Cinc5 Taco is a place for taco lovers to enjoy handcrafted tacos with ice cold beer by the side.

It has a relaxed atmosphere and a subtle rock’n’roll vibe.


We prepare everything from scratch with fresh products.

We handmake our tortillas every day, with fresh ingredients and lot’s of love.

Black's Farmwood is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company providing the highest quality sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood products that are rich with history and natural beauty.

When available, we source fresh products from local Texas farms that guaranty responsible production.

LIVE FOOD GROUP is a private enterprise, operating in the USA and México.

Our primary objective is to develop a variety of successful restaurant concepts, were everything is made from scratch and trying to source locally whenever possible.

With the help and trust of a group of investors, Mario Letayf (CEO) and Antonio Marquez (Executive Chef and Operations Director), developed Cinc5 Taco  with the idea for tacos enthusiasts to enjoy delicious fresh handcrafted tacos, in a relaxed atmosphere, with ice cold beer by the side, and a subtle rock’n’roll vibe.

At Cinc5, we worked with an architect, a designer and an illustrator. With the idea of wooden food crates and Rock’n’Roll in mind, they helped give our place the color and feel you enjoy!

Pablo Lobato

- Argentina 1970, author of classic drawings for Rolling Stone magazine.


This great portraitist, made the right decision in 2001 when he left his career as a graphic designer, began to publish his drawings on a blog

and contacted international agent Amma Goodsom, from Canada, who helped him to define his characteristic geometric style; Pop cubism.

Shortly afterwards, the Chicago Tribune ask him to portray James Taylor and Norah Jones, and a couple of weeks later ROLLING STONE called him to take charge of the subsection Critics Hall of Fame; that would last three years.

Since then his art has been published in the New York Times, The Village Voice, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe

and many other media magazines.

The first stage of his creative process, research (watching videos, listening to music, studying photographs), usually takes more hours

than the drawing itself. Then, he makes a series of quick, dirty and freehand sketches that he discards one by one until

he defines the correct one.

He then scans, re-draws with Illustrator and his work takes shape, merging design and art.

Lobato, recognizes as teachers Carlos Nine, Hermenegildo Sabat, Al Hirschfetd and Philip Burke.

He lives in Buenos Aires with his wife, two daughters, a dog and a cat.


Kozo’s design team and illustrators developed 2 big murals for Cinc5 Taco, combining typographic designed urban art to generate an image that gives identity to it’s space.

Rock phrases, stencils, symbols, emblematic icons and images try to tell a part of the story of Rock’n’Roll, as seen through our eyes.

Collaborating as part of the creative team was Mario Letayf, one of the executive partners at Cinc5 Taco, a Rock’n’Roll fanatic himself.

With offices in Argentina and Uruguay, Kozo develops creative and artistic projects, and works on communication for companies in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and the United States of America.